1. Awesome!

    Mon 13 July 2009

    Just a short post to share a beautiful Brazilian song. Two days ago my friend was playing it, now it just doesn’t get out of my head :-)

    Have fun.

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  2. Sharing some homeworks

    So, I’ve spent some time last weeks doing some homeworks for courses at Politecnico di Milano. One of them is for the course “Image analysis and synthesis” in which I did together with a friend of mine some animations in Blender.

    The goal was to make some animations of sport scenes and after apply a kind of “filter” in Matlab to simulate a high exposure of the camera, or, if you prefer, to draw the trace of the ball. As the only object moving in scene was the ball, these two are roughly the same thing. This is done …

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  3. The browser war continues…

    Sat 04 July 2009

    One month ago I wrote a post talking about the new Chrome for linux, or better yet, that the Chromium (this one is opensource) is finally working well under Linux, and so fast.

    Well, while the Chromium guys are working hard to get a decent browser, the firefox guys didn’t stop working and last week Mozilla released the so waited Firefox 3.5.

    My 2 biggest complaints about the prior version were that (i) the awesome bar gets slow as time pass and you visit a lot of sites and (ii) the start up time. The first one I …

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  4. Benvinda de volta Oficina G3

    Creio que nem todos conheçam a banda Oficina G3. Em poucas palavras, é uma banda evangélica de rock muito boa.

    O rock pesado nunca foi meu estilo favorito. Passei a ouvir Oficina principalmente quando lá pelo ano 2000 (acho) eles partiram para um estilo mais light com CDs como “Acústico” e “Ao Vivo no Olímpia”. O último CD deles que ouvi bastante foi o “Humanos” quando eles voltaram para o rock que apesar de pesado, era ainda “ouvível”.

    Com a saída do vocalista PG do grupo eles deram uma “recaída” e depois de algum tempo sem lançar nenhum CD lançaram …

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  5. Meu Brasil brasileiro

    Mon 22 June 2009

    Questo post è dedicato ai miei amici italiani. Mi dispiace, ma l’Italia ha giocato troppo male e il Brasile… beh, è il Brasile!!

    Sentite la differenza tra il cronista brasiliano e l’italiano.



    Ci vediamo domani. Io sarò con la maglietta della nazionale brasiliana ;-)

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  6. Chromium

    After reading this post at “Linux Today” I decided to install the so expected Linux version of Chrome, the Google’s browser.

    As I use Arch Linux, I haven’t expected to have a compiled version linked directly by the chromium’s website. Instead, I was hoping Arch’s developers already packaged it. And, with no big surprises, they did. Just to clarify a thing before continuing: Chromium is the open source projected behind Chrome (which is not opensource).

    I’m not writing this post to repeat what’s already written there. So read it too. As opposed to his …

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