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  1. Per-project configuration for vim

    Wed 03 April 2019 | tags: gitvim

    For a long time I have accumulated different configurations for vim for the different open source projects I’m contributing or have contributed in the past. It became a giant unmaintained file for ftplugin/ftdetect with regexes to match the dir name and try to apply every important thing a project needs: from coding style to commands to build the source code.

    After changing my machine and re-installing several softwares, I’m trying to keep my dotfiles more organized. For vim, after looking at some options available I settled in this one, that I think is very short and elegant …

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  2. git helper for “recursive rebase”

    Very often I’m in the middle of an interactive rebase and while editing a commit I remember I should have changed a commit that I initially didn’t mark on the rebase todo. If you tried to git-rebase again you would notice it’s not possible due to git’s bookkeeping of the current rebase.

    In the past what I usually did was to either 1) Continue the rebase and then rebase again to fix the previous commit or 2) Create a fixup commit with git commit --fixup and then rebase again with --auto-squash.

    Now I have a helper …

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  3. Throw away” linux images in seconds

    Generating a new rootfs from scratch in order to test changes to early parts of the software stack or just to have a pristine environment is something I needed several times in the past.

    Since I use Archlinux in my desktop something that I like is to have a similar environment in the target test rootfs. I decided to re-use and improve a script from Kay Sievers to create an installer that can be booted as a VM, as a container or in bare metal: arch-installer.sh. Originally  it was a script to bootstrap a Fedora image and I think …

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  4. Taking maintainership of dolt

    Mon 09 March 2015

    For those who don’t know, dolt is a wrapper and replacement for libtool on sane systems that don’t need it at all. It was created some years ago by Josh Triplett to overcome the slowness of libtool.

    Nowadays libtool should be much faster so the necessity for dolt should not be as big anymore. However as can be seen here, it’s not true (at least in libtool > 2.4.2). Yeah, this seems a bug in libtool that should be fixed. However I don’t like it being any more complicated than it should.

    After talking to …

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  5. Hacking the Intel fan, for fun

    An alternative headline is: “how to show your wife how much you love her, the geek way”.

    From 17 to 22 of September I was in New Orleans participating in the discussions of the Linux Plumbers Conference, which has already turned into one of my favorite conferences. Lots of fun, talking to great people and good discussions about systemd, containers, cgroups, kernel modules, etc. However as the headline indicates this blog post is not to talk about the conference but rather about a toy the Intel booth was giving out: a fan with 7 leds in its propeller. See below …

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