1. Saudade…

    No final do ano passado meu amigo Fadinha Ricardo publicou um post em seu blog falando sobre saudade. Concordo com o sua afirmação. Como escrevi nos comentários daquele post, em 2004 foi feita uma sondagem a tradutores profissionais por uma empresa britânica e a palavra  “saudade” do português foi eleita como uma das mais difíceis de se traduzir.

    O bom porém da saudade é quando você mata ela. Que sensação boa!!

    Resolvi tocar nesse assunto porque meu irmão veio me visitar. Nos últimos dois finais de semana pude estar com ele e dar uma passeada pela Itália. Tantos lugares, tantas …

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  2. Playing with your cache

    Another possible titles could be “how to really slow down your computer” or “why caches are so important in computer architectures”. I started playing with turning my cache on and off last week using Linux because there are some situations in which you have to know why a piece of software is not working as expected. A possible problem could be the well known cache trashing, in which the contents of the cache is thrown away very often. Turning it down may give an answer if this is really the problem since now even running very slowly this variable is …

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  3. Hello world - Again!

    I’m back again!!

    Soon I’ll post some news and explain why I’m changing home.

    Update your RSSs as I’ll not update my past blog anymore. So, as the title says:


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  4. Driver radio STLC2590

    Fri 03 October 2008

    This is a re-post of a project I did. It’s still the same, no version upgrade. I’m putting it on this blog as I don’t update or track comments on the old one and people generally go there through google.

    First of all I’d like to thank ST Microeletronics for give us the opportunity to work on a Linux driver for their chip STLC2590. All the documentation needed to write it was given by them. Thanks also to Patrick Bellasi, our tutor, which has tough us so much in regard to Linux driver development, APIs of …

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