Projects I’m somehow involved.

Currently maintaining

Other projects I’ve been active and some times still contribute to:

Past projects not maintained anymore

Linux driver for radio STLC2590

Last version: 0.0.12

It was a project of one course I did at Politecnico di Milano. Here is the announcement. And here the source code. Currently not maintained.


Trissa is a game I’ve done. It’s a kind of 3D tic-tac-toe. It’s really cool to play, but it’s even more fun (at least for developers) to create algorithms and put them one against another. You can follow its development and download the source code on its own page at GitHub.

Academic projects

I have no intention to maintain them and they are here for academic purposes only.

TinyOS - House Monitoring

Announcement | Source code [ 2009/10 ]

JMS - Processing farm

Annoucement | Source code

imgmean - create the mean of images to compare performance with different scenarios

Annoucement | Source code [ 2009/07 ]