The browser war continues…

Sat 04 July 2009

One month ago I wrote a post talking about the new Chrome for linux, or better yet, that the Chromium (this one is opensource) is finally working well under Linux, and so fast.

Well, while the Chromium guys are working hard to get a decent browser, the firefox guys didn’t stop working and last week Mozilla released the so waited Firefox 3.5.

My 2 biggest complaints about the prior version were that (i) the awesome bar gets slow as time pass and you visit a lot of sites and (ii) the start up time. The first one I learned that can be solved still in that release optimizing the database of the bar. It uses SQLite and a cleaning is all it needs after a while. The second problem was solved installing the new version. Its speed is not as amazing as Chromium but it’s fast enough.

The only plugin that I had that is not updated yet to this new version is Google Gears. But frankly, I’m thinking in disabling it. Although it’s amazing to access my Gmail while I’m offline, I think this plugin is heavier than it could be.

So, for now I’m happy with my new Firefox, but Chromium is still installed and I update it often. Ohh, talking about it, my issue with ‘dead keys’ in Chromium is gone. Now I can write portuguese, english and italian always with the same keyboard configuration.

Returning to Firefox, another feature I liked so much is the new support to HTML5’s video tag. I hope soon there will be no more need to use flash plugin. I think any other browser support it yet, therefore only my friends who use Firefox 3.5 will be able to see the promotion videos below. If you didn’t upgraded yet, it’s a good time to do it.

What’s new:

Nice promotion video @ dailymotion. There’s even Linus Torvalds on this video (@ 7s) and it was nice to see people saying “obrigado” (portuguese word to “thanks”), but I didn’t recognize where they are from. Any clue?

You can see more open videos at dailymotion.

Happy browsing.