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  1. Side-load on embedded Linux with Buildroot

    Embedded Linux boards and devices often come with a shortage of tools installed. Often enough they don’t use a “normal” Linux distribution that can be easily extended by the end user by means of installing additional packages via dnf, apt, pacman, etc. Old/ancient versions of the Linux kernel is also very common.

    In my previous post I wrote about using evemu to record data coming from the input subsytem and replay it on my computer in order to develop a Remote Controller software for ArduPilot. Without surprise, evemu isn’t included in the tools that come with Disco …

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  2. Using evemu to simulate input devices

    I’m doing some experiments to make the remote controller of Parrot’s Disco drone (SkyController 2) to work with ArduPilot. I will talk more about this in another post. This one is basically about a nifty tool I’ve found that I didn’t know existed: evemu. I always used evtest to debug the input system in Linux.

    SkyController 2 runs Linux and exposes all the sticks and buttons as an evdev device. I developed a tool to serve as a general-purpose software to be used in this kind of device: dema-rc. Ultimate goal is to have a software …

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  3. Per-project configuration for vim

    Wed 03 April 2019 | tags: gitvim

    For a long time I have accumulated different configurations for vim for the different open source projects I’m contributing or have contributed in the past. It became a giant unmaintained file for ftplugin/ftdetect with regexes to match the dir name and try to apply every important thing a project needs: from coding style to commands to build the source code.

    After changing my machine and re-installing several softwares, I’m trying to keep my dotfiles more organized. For vim, after looking at some options available I settled in this one, that I think is very short and elegant …

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  4. git helper for “recursive rebase”

    Very often I’m in the middle of an interactive rebase and while editing a commit I remember I should have changed a commit that I initially didn’t mark on the rebase todo. If you tried to git-rebase again you would notice it’s not possible due to git’s bookkeeping of the current rebase.

    In the past what I usually did was to either 1) Continue the rebase and then rebase again to fix the previous commit or 2) Create a fixup commit with git commit --fixup and then rebase again with --auto-squash.

    Now I have a helper …

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  5. Throw away” linux images in seconds

    Generating a new rootfs from scratch in order to test changes to early parts of the software stack or just to have a pristine environment is something I needed several times in the past.

    Since I use Archlinux in my desktop something that I like is to have a similar environment in the target test rootfs. I decided to re-use and improve a script from Kay Sievers to create an installer that can be booted as a VM, as a container or in bare metal: arch-installer.sh. Originally  it was a script to bootstrap a Fedora image and I think …

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