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  1. ANNOUNCE: codespell 1.2

    Since I created a mailing list for codespell, the announcements here will not have as many details as before. Checkout the new version of codespell: http://groups.google.com/group/codespell/browse_thread/thread/bce1a6f83d4bbd85

    One of the issues I with codespell was that it was trying to parse cscope.out, since it’s a text file. On Linux Kernel this file can get very big and besides taking much longer, sometimes it was running out of memory :-). Now codespell has an option to ignore files, even text ones. It’s as easy as passing —skip=”*.eps,cscope.out” (notice …

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  2. codespell 1.1-rc1

    I’m glad to announce the first RC of codespell 1.1. I decided to let the biggest feature for the next version and release 1.1 with the small but important features that were already implemented. This new version comes with the following features:

    • Verbosity level: tired of seeing so many things printed while the fixes are taking place? Now you can filter what you see
    • Exclusion list: there are cases in which the codespell spots a false positive, but disabling the entry in the dictionary will prevent it from fixing many other places. This is particularly true when …
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  3. ANNOUNCE: codespell 1.0

    I’m glad to announce codespell 1.0! After 3 RCs and patches submitted to several projects, I thought it was stable enough to call it 1.0. You can download the 1.0 version below:


    Seemy previous post if you are willing to know what codespell is or read the README file inside the package.

    I have already filled a TODO file with ideas for the next version. They came to mind after I’ve generated a giant patch for the Linux kernel. It is the biggest patch I …

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