LinuxCon Brazil

I’m back from LinuxCon Brazil, that was held in Sao Paulo on 17 and 18 November. Before the first keynote, ProFUSION was announced as becoming member of Linux Foundation :-)! Our logo is already in their members page.

It was also a great time to talk again to some developers I met in LinuxCon Europe last month and some that were not present there. One talk I really like was given by Eugeni Dodonov about the Intel Linux Graphics stack. It was a good overview of all the graphics stack in Linux, paying attention to Intel’s boards and drivers. Gustavo Barbieri talked about HTML5 and WebKit and other 2 ProFUSION’s employees — Rafael Antognolli and Bruno Dilly — presented “Application Development using Enlightenment Foundation (EFL)”

This time I also gave a presentation entitled “How to become an open source developer”. My focus was on the Brazilian crowd out there, willing to start to contribute to open source projects, looking for a job or just trying to understand why we do open source development. I hope it was useful for them and for you reading this blog, too. So, below are the slides of my presentation:

For those of you who can not see the file embedded above or want the direct link, here it’s in PDF format.

I also talked to some important people regarding a new project of mine. Stay tuned for a new library soon.