ANNOUNCE: codespell 1.4

codespell 1.4 is out! Nothing really new, just a maintenance release: 1 bug fix and some new entries to the dictionary. See the entire announcement on its mailing list.

As per patches I’m receiving it seems that codespell is being successfully used by opensource projects. I’m glad codespell can help those projects, particularly people who don’t have English as their mother tongue as I don’t. It’s also an opportunity to people starting on a project, as I said in last LinuxCon Brazil.

I’m not submitting patches anymore to Linux kernel myself using codespell because after doing that twice I started to receive a lot of emails from people using get_maintainer script. It’s very annoying to filter the good emails (that were indeed addressed to me) from that that I was in CC just because there was a misspelling that my patch fixed. Since that patch touched 2463 files, it’s very common to have my name in the output of get_maintainer :-(. I’m still trying to figure out how to properly filter that without losing important emails. Any tips (I’m a GMail user)?

Back to codespell announcement, the only missing item in TODO is to be able to separate comments, strings and source code in order to fix misspellings only in the first 2. Nonetheless codespell seems to be doing a good job without that feature and unless someone step in to implement it without impacting the parse time too much, my plan is to keep as is.

Go get it (and package for your distro) while it’s fresh!