ANNOUNCE: codespell 1.0

I’m glad to announce codespell 1.0! After 3 RCs and patches submitted to several projects, I thought it was stable enough to call it 1.0. You can download the 1.0 version below:

Seemy previous post if you are willing to know what codespell is or read the README file inside the package.

I have already filled a TODO file with ideas for the next version. They came to mind after I’ve generated a giant patch for the Linux kernel. It is the biggest patch I’ve ever produced with codespell. Really, I think it’s the biggest patch I’ve produced ever. I hope Linus accept that patch as is because without the changes I’m planning for codespell 1.1, it’s a pain to fix some corner cases.

Some people are sending me suggestions and more misspellings to my email. I appreciate those emails and seeing they are successfully using codespell in other projects. If you want a faster way to have your changes incorporated into codespell, you may also send patches through git-send-email or just use my repository on github to send me pull requests.

UPDATE (04/11/2011): Linus accepted the patch. There’s also a discussion with further improvements for codespell on LKML.