codespell 1.1-rc1

I’m glad to announce the first RC of codespell 1.1. I decided to let the biggest feature for the next version and release 1.1 with the small but important features that were already implemented. This new version comes with the following features:

  • Verbosity level: tired of seeing so many things printed while the fixes are taking place? Now you can filter what you see
  • Exclusion list: there are cases in which the codespell spots a false positive, but disabling the entry in the dictionary will prevent it from fixing many other places. This is particularly true when there are names in source code. In Linux kernel I’ve seen some names with “Taht” and “Teh” that were incorrectly fixed to “That” and “The”. Now we have a file with lines that are exclude from the ones codespell will fix. Hopefully such lines will not change very often and we can maintain a file per project for future executions of codespell in each project. I’m maintaining one for the Linux kernel. It’s in data/linux-kernel.exclude.
  • Interactive mode: for those fixes that are not done automatically (because they have more than one possible fix), now we can interactively decide on each one. I recommend for everyone interested in this feature to run codespell once without this option to fix the automatic ones and another time to go through the other fixes.
  • Stats (summary) of the changes: are you interested how many times a word was misspelled? Now codespell can display a summary of all the fixes it has done.

I was particularly worried about the increase in runtime when using the exclusion list. However it proved to be very fast when excluding the lines by using their hashes. I can successfully parse the entire Linux kernel tree within 1min30s in my laptop with slow HD. The biggest feature that I’ve left for the next version is to allow changes to be applied only to parts of the source code like comments and strings. I expect to implement this for a future 1.2 version.

Besides these new features, there are some fixes to the dictionary. Thanks to all of you who have sent me fixes and suggestions. I’m glad to see patches generated by codespell been applied to other opensource projects that I’m not the one to send. As of now, I’ve seen patches been applied to: Linux Kernel, oFono, ConnMan, FreeBSD, LLVM, clang, EFL and others that I don’t remember right now.

For those who prefer to wait for a stable release, I’m also releasing codespell 1.0.2 with fixes only to the dictionary.

As always, you can download codespell packages from:

Repositories are available at: