1. Easily embedding WebKit into your EFL application

    This is the first of a series of posts that I’m planning to do using basic examples in EFL, the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries. You may have heard that EFL is reaching its 1.0 release. Instead of starting from the very beginning with the basic functions of these libraries, I decided to go the opposite way, showing the fun stuff that is possible to do. Since I’m also an WebKit developer, let’s put the best of both softwares together and have a basic window rendering a webpage.

    Before starting off, just some remarks:

    1. I’m using here …
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  2. Understanding RT by graphics

    A lot of people seem not to understand very well what real-time means. They usually tend to think RT has anything to do with performance and the raw throughput. It doesn’t. It’s all about determinism and guarantees.

    This post’s title has “by graphics” words. I think the graphics below are worth a thousand words. I obtained them while porting the RT tree to Freescale boards some weeks ago at ProFUSION. Basically I’m running a task that wakes up every 40ms, run a tiny job, send some numbers through the network and sleeps again. The time in …

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  3. WebKit

    After some time working with the EFL port of WebKit, I’ve been nominated as an official webkit developer. Now I have super powers in the official repository :-), but I swear I intend to use it with caution and responsibility. I’ll not forget Uncle Ben’s advice: ”with great power comes great responsibility”.

    I’m preparing a post to talk about WebKit, EFL, eve (a new web browser based on WebKit + EFL) and how to easily embed a browser in your application. Stay tuned.

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  4. Now, officially an EFL developer

    Last week I was officially added to EFL developers list. After contributing some patches to eina, edbus, elementary and E17 (especially to connman module), Gustavo Barbieri, who is also my boss at ProFUSION, added me to developers list giving me commit rights on EFL svn.

    He said me some weeks ago that the only thing missing to add me as developer was that I’d have to use E as my window manager. Fair enough. If one wants to be a developer of a certain program, it’s better to first be an active user. So, last Friday I wiped …

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  5. Embedded Linux Conference 2010

    So, today was the last day of the Embedded Linux Conference. Now, I’ll be here in USA for the Linux Collaboration Summit. It was really cool and it was amazing to meet people you are only used to chat, exchange some emails or that you heard about. Just to name some: Steven Rostedt, Greg Kroah-Hartman, Frank Rowand, Mike Anderson, Andrew Morton, Jon Corbet and others. I was really impressed too seeing Rostedt programming or Greg answering emails. What a great guys

    And yesterday I presented my work, talking about the optimization of the Linux scheduler for soft real-time when …

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