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  1. Benchmarking Javascript engines for EFL

    The Enlightenment Foundation Libraries has several bindings for other languages in order to ease the creation of end-user applications, speeding up its development. Among them, there’s a binding for Javascript using the Spidermonkey engine. The questions are: is it fast enough? Does it slowdown your application? Is Spidermonkey the best JS engine to be used?

    To answer these questions Gustavo Barbiericreated some C, JS and Python benchmarks to compare the performance of EFL using each of these languages. The JS benchmarks were using Spidermonkey as the engine since elixir was already done for EFL. I then created new …

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  2. Easily embedding WebKit into your EFL application

    This is the first of a series of posts that I’m planning to do using basic examples in EFL, the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries. You may have heard that EFL is reaching its 1.0 release. Instead of starting from the very beginning with the basic functions of these libraries, I decided to go the opposite way, showing the fun stuff that is possible to do. Since I’m also an WebKit developer, let’s put the best of both softwares together and have a basic window rendering a webpage.

    Before starting off, just some remarks:

    1. I’m using here …
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  3. Now, officially an EFL developer

    Last week I was officially added to EFL developers list. After contributing some patches to eina, edbus, elementary and E17 (especially to connman module), Gustavo Barbieri, who is also my boss at ProFUSION, added me to developers list giving me commit rights on EFL svn.

    He said me some weeks ago that the only thing missing to add me as developer was that I’d have to use E as my window manager. Fair enough. If one wants to be a developer of a certain program, it’s better to first be an active user. So, last Friday I wiped …

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