Trissa - update status

Just to let you all know some updates to Trissa: currently it’s in a hold state, waiting for next stable Ogre release, which is version 1.7. So until they release this version I’ll hold Trissa in a beta status, although it’s working great right now and all fixes for 1.0 are in place.

The biggest problem with current version of Ogre is that it doesn’t have proper support for multi-threaded games, or better, only one thread is able to make calls to Ogre functions which change the rendering states. In the design of Trissa this is not currently possible as both core’s and player’s code may change the rendering.

Also, I’d like to clarify a thing about the name: in contrary to what I said, “trissa” does not mean “tic-tac-toe” in italian. The right name in italian is “tris” as a friend of mine told me some months ago. However I decided to keep the name, because I liked it, it’s now properly indexed by Google and the game is not the original tic-tac-toe.