As I did with previous projects I had at my university, I’d like to share another one: it’s a project using TinyOS. It’s mainly intended for education purposes, so if you are trying to learn TinyOS, it’s a good example to look at.

What does it do?

It’s a platform to monitor temperature and humidity of various rooms in a house. All sensors must collect data every X seconds and send them to sink, a predefined node. Sink can also change the value X and sensors may not reach sink in a single hop, so nodes have to use their own routing protocol to send forward data from other nodes to sink.

If you are interested in this project, send me an email and so I could help you to understand it. I think it’s a good exercise to look at source code and discover which routing protocol I was talking about (before reading the README file).

As I think I won’t modify this code anymore, rather than put it in my git repository I made a .tar.bz2 which is available here: House Monitor source code.