ProFUSION work on oFono and ConnMan

As some of you know, I’m working on some open source projects at ProFUSION. Among them there are two projects started by Intel that are now part of Meego. If you look at Meego Architecture you’ll see these components are a great part of the Communications domain.

In ConnMan ProFUSION made mainly some bug fixes and minor improvements while we were creating a binding for e_dbus and a module for E17. It’s working pretty well, it’s fast and reliable. Examining my logs in my desktop system I can see that in less than a second ConnMan is up with wired and wireless interfaces and the IP is already discovered through dhcp.

In oFono we did a bit more work, implementing missing features in the core and also in drivers of Huawei and MBM (sony-ericsson) modems as well as on the phone simulator, phonesim.

It’s great to see on Marcel’s reports last month that in 2010 ProFUSION was the 3rd major contributor for oFono and the 5th for ConnMan. I’m happy to be one of the developers contributing to these 2 great projects.