ANNOUNCE: dietsplash 0.3

I’m pleased to release a new version of dietsplash.  This is the first announcement for dietsplash, though it has always been open source software. Here it is, dietsplash 0.3.

dietsplash is a small boot splash screen for Linux. Its aim is to do the minimal work possible so you can see your system booting without getting bored about the messages going on (or better, your client doesn’t complain to you that it’s ugly to see all those messages). Its main target is embedded systems, where running a full/big splash like plymouth is an overkill. Special attention is given to keep it small: as of now, it produces a binary of just 14KB without images and 34KB using the images that come as example bundled into the binary.

Running it is very simple, requiring very little configuration if you don’t have any splash screen yet. If you are already running another splash like plymouth or psplash, you’ll first have to disable it. Please, see the README file that details what you have to do in order to have it up and running.


Releases are available at Here is the latest release: dietsplash 0.3.


Patches and feedback are very welcome. You can either send me an email or use the infrastructure at github, where there’s a “mirror” of the git repository.

Git repositories: git:// (where the fun happens) and git:// (synchronized every now and then).