1. ESC Brazil - Realtime Linux with RT_PREEMPT

    Two weeks ago I’d give a talk about realtime Linux at ESC Brazil: “Usando Linux como Sistema de Tempo Real” (Using Linux as a realtime OS). Sadly some days before while playing soccer  I broke my fibula and I had to have a surgery. I regret I couldn’t attend this conference.

    At least in the company I work for there are more people with knowledge in this area. Gustavo Barbieri went there in my place and had a good feedback from the attendees.

    Now I have stay home. At least for 1 or 2 months :-(.

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  2. Embedded Linux Conference 2010

    So, today was the last day of the Embedded Linux Conference. Now, I’ll be here in USA for the Linux Collaboration Summit. It was really cool and it was amazing to meet people you are only used to chat, exchange some emails or that you heard about. Just to name some: Steven Rostedt, Greg Kroah-Hartman, Frank Rowand, Mike Anderson, Andrew Morton, Jon Corbet and others. I was really impressed too seeing Rostedt programming or Greg answering emails. What a great guys

    And yesterday I presented my work, talking about the optimization of the Linux scheduler for soft real-time when …

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  3. Amazing kernel related blog

    Today while reading “posts” on Buzz and digging in my RSS reader, I found this blog: http://smackerelofopinion.blogspot.com/ made by an ubuntu engineer. How many amazing posts there are on this blog. Particularly interesting is the one about ACPI Debugging and the other about perf, the tool I posted about some days ago (although it covers just a tiny amount of things this tool is capable of).

    When I have some spare time I’ll try to use that first post to debug the ACPI on my buggy asus laptop, where temperature goes sometimes as high as 90 …

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